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Hello, I'm Gaudenis

Shoot for the stars, stay humble and be grateful


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  Work Experience

Owner of furniture moving company in Australia

Owner Late 2018 - Late 2019

I came to Australia for one year to travel and study. Having no friends nor any contacts here I still took a risk and bought couple of trucks and did a furniture removal service.

Website: AgileMovers.com.au.

I was no one in Australia but still managed to come up with a business which started to bring revenue after three weeks. And after two months all investments payed off.So far this was one of the best experiance in my life. This business lead me to learn how to get new customers, how to maintain them, how to comunicate with them.

Western Union

Anti money laundering and Compliance department 2017 - 2018

Mainly conducting investigations, servicing inquiries received over the phone, e-mail or working directly with money transfers utilizing back-office applications, verifying customer identification documents and making decision What I learned in this job -

To work in team

Work in multicultural environment

Attention to detail

E-Commerce store owner and developer

Owner and developer January 2017 - June 2017

Me and my colleague build succesfully working e-commerce store from scratch. Paticulus.com shop was operating using dropshipping method.

2017 does not look so long ago but back then we had to climb tallest mountains to get everything working, but I guess thats the beauty of any business. We got it operational in two weeks. Started getting sales in three weeks.

McDonalds USA

Crew member June 2015 - September 2015

Worked in McDonalds during the summer in USA after my first year in universty with Work and Travel program


Management information systems

Vilnius university faculty of Economics (Bachelor Degree) - Graduation date 2018 June

Management information systems (MIS), it's the science of putting technology to work. MIS bachelor study information systems and their use in business and other organizations. We learn about computer databases, networks, computer security, finance, economics and more.

Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Australian Pacific College - Graduation date 2019 September

Provides graduates with social media and digital marketing knowledge and skills required to perform the functions associated with these roles.


       Personal Skills

    • 80% Complete
      English 80%
    • 50% Complete
      Adobe Photoshop 50%
    • 60% Complete
    • 70% Complete
      Wordpress platform 70%
    • B Category driver license

      Analytic thinking

      Basic knowledge of BPMN, UML

      Social media marketing

Hobbies and Interests



Passion for IT








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